Why Buy a Musical Rocking

The Internet provides a plethora of different types of bassinets, from modern baby beds with every feature imaginable to traditional, wooden cradles. One that seems to be overlooked, at times, is the musical rocking bassinet. This type of bassinet comes equipped with all the features needed to calm and cranky baby.

A musical rocking bassinet is musical, something many infants find soothing. Models that include more than one song can be very accommodating since even at a young age, children will express which tunes they like more than others. My daughter, even as a newborn, communicated which songs were her favorites and which ones she did not favor so much. It can be exciting to see how your child will respond to music.

Most musical rocking bassinets also have a timer, which makes the music stop after a certain time period, like 15 minutes. So after your little one falls asleep, you don’t have to worry about locating the off switch and waking your child in the process.

The rocking motion of a musical rocking bassinet can also pacify a crying infant. A manual rocking feature allows you to bond with your new baby; while an automatic bassinet gives you the time to busy about your home or take some alone time.

Several musical rocking bassinets have a retractable canopy, which can imitate night’s darkness. Even after a child goes to sleep, the bright daylight might be enough to wake her from sleep. A canopy can keep the brightness out of your baby’s eyes and protect her from harmful rays that may penetrate through a window.

You will also find wheels on a musical rocking bassinet, which makes it easy to put where you’d like. A woman recovering from delivery often is instructed to not lift heavy objects, which would hinder the healing process. Wheeling a bassinet from room to room rather than lifting a 20-pound plus object is much safer for a postpartum mother. But even this activity might not be advised by a physician. Check with your doctor first.

AC/DC 80’s Music Rock Gods

AC/DC – The thunder from down under and possibly the biggest, loudest thing that has ever come out of Australia. Unless you have lived under a rock all your life, you know who this band is. Original lead singer Bon Scott passed way too early, but I believe Brian Johnson has filled the shoes extremely well. Angus and Malcolm Young complete the original lineup and hard, fast rock are what these guys are all about. From the early days of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, to the excellent movie soundtrack of Maximum Overdrive, they have a style all their own.

“Musical rocking chairs”

TNT, Big Balls, Wole Lotta Rosie, Thunderstruck, the 80’s classic hits seem to go on and on. One thing I don’t understand though. Where does Angus Young get all the energy to keep doing show after show like he does? The school boy uniform, and the constant running across the stage is a sight to witness. I often wonder how many uniforms he has worn, and where he gets them. For most bands, the lead singer is the center of attraction. With this band, the lead guitarist is the main figure. Talk about talent, how does anyone run and play the guitar at the same time? I don’t mean a slow steady trot, either. Angus is in a full out sprint constantly during the show. The other band members are’nt no slouches, the wall of sound they put up is almost intoxicating. Loud drums, loud bass, loud rhythm guitar, just loud!!

My personal Top Ten AC/DC song list.

10 – Hells Bells
9 – Shoot To Thrill
8 – TNT
7 – Back In Black
6 – Jailbreak
5 – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
4 – Moneytalks
3 – You Shook Me All Night Long
2 – Thunderstruck
1 – Big Balls

What would your top ten list look like? Do you agree or disagree with me? Hopefully you will remember all of these classic 80’s music hits. I suggest breaking out your favorite AC/DC album and playing it loud from start to finish. Get pumped and enjoy!! Remember, play it loud, but most of all play it proud! Rock on!

Musical Rocking Chairs

You must be familiar with the term, “rock ‘n roll.” Not only do you often hear rock ‘n roll on the radio, you may also dance to it when you feel the “groove.” But, do you know that you can also do the rock ‘n roll while sitting on a chair? Yes you can, thanks to musical rocking chairs. These chairs have musical instruments or players attached to them. So now, people of all ages can rock their chairs and, at the same time, listen to music because of these wonderful contraptions. These rockers are specially great for children and those who are still young at heart. To give you an idea, here are some examples of musical rocking chairs and their features:

Musical Child’s Rocking Chair

This fanciful device for kids has a small five note xylophone with a mallet connected to its arm. The chair also has a keyboard and sheet music backrest. The chair, which is about two and a half feet in height, also has a seat that is elevated one foot from the ground. This musical rocking chair is recommended for children aged two to six. Who knows, this could even contribute to the making of a future rock star.

X-Rocker II

The X-Rocker II is one of the coolest musical rocking chairs available in the market today. Created by Ace Bayou, the X-Rocker II has a built-in 80 watt sound system with built-in speakers that use Audio Force Modulation to play music. Audio Force Modulation is a sound amplification system, which uses the interior of the chair to amplify the sound as well as enhance its quality. X-Rocker II is compatible with various media devices such as iPod, Xbox, and DVD players.

Rock-A-My Baby Musical Rocking Chair

This cute musical chair is designed for little girls who want to play mommy. It has a wooden heart attached on the seat, which plays the song “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” when pulled. The Rock-A-My-Baby musical rocking chair also has a wooden baby doll cradle with soft cushion. It is ideal for kids aged three and above.

Lumisource Video Game Rocker

This product not only allows you to enhance your listening experience but your video game sessions as well. Created by Lumisource, a US furniture and decor company, the Video Game Rocker has inside speakers, which allow sound waves and music from video games and other media devices to vibrate through your body. Video game and media devices such as DVD and MP3 players can be connected to the chair. The Video Game Rocker also has two user-friendly vibration motors and a four-inch subwoofer. The Video Game Rocker is made of canvas fabric and can be folded to facilitate safe-keeping and carrying.

Reasons to Learn More About Music

Among the first subjects to be cut in school budgets are art and music. These cuts are often based on the belief that these subjects can be sacrificed without much damage to a student’s development or academic success. But, more and more research shows that this is not the case. While the Mozart Effect, claiming an increase in IQ points when children are exposed to classical music, has been largely debunked, there are still good reasons to study music. Let’s consider some of these.

Applied Academics: One benefit is that music is a great way to show a fun application of other academic subjects such as mathematics, physics, history, and geography. Given the general interest in music that most children have, it can be used as a window into other subjects that are not as immediately interesting for students.

Cognitive Benefits: While the Mozart Effect may not be reliable, there are tangible cognitive developmental benefits to studying music. Surely one of these is an increase in creativity. Other benefits include an increase in attention span and quantitative ability. Music does activate various parts of the brain and this increased activity has positive benefits. Music rewards close attention to detail, form, structure, and organization all of which are beneficial in many other areas of life.

Rhythm: An important part of music is the element of rhythm and many children relate to music very physically though dance, clapping, singing, and humming. Focusing on the rhythm of music can improve a child’s general physical coordination and practicing a musical instrument can improve more specific coordination and dexterity.

Harmony: A second component of music is harmony and here the benefits of studying music are both literal and metaphorical. The study of harmony develops the ability to hear and discriminate among various tones and intervals and can lead to an appreciation of a wider range of musical styles. Metaphorically the study of harmony can be used as a meas of teaching the benefit of harmony in general in how we relate to others. Such virtues as sharing and cooperation can be introduced through the musical element of harmony.

Melody: Built on the foundation of rhythm and harmony is the element of melody. Again, the benefits of study here are both literal and metaphorical. Since music has long been used as an aid to memory and a means of improving memory, the study of melody can be beneficial. The study of increasingly complex melodies can lead to an improvement of memory for more complex ideas as well. Metaphorically, the study of melody introduces the idea of individuality. Like musical pieces, Everyone has their own individual melody which develops over time.

Just a consideration of the basic elements of music can illustrate several important benefits to studying music. Studying specific genres can yield other benefits. Jazz is important to the study and ability of improvisation. The blues illustrates emotional expression. Classical music reveals organization and precision. At the same time, music also shows the universal nature of such values as every genre contains these elements as well as the basics of rhythm, harmony, and melody. The rewards of studying and enjoying music extend far beyond the simple act of listening and playing. As important as these are, the applied benefits are also well worth examining.

Facts About Music

Music is one of the arts which so sharpened our sense of participation in the world that it gave a much greater meaning to life, it reflects the mood of the times, then as now as always. The great thing about music is that it appeals to everybody; from children to grandmas to teenagers there are so many different types of music from classical to nursery rhymes to pop, rock, hip hop, house, indie, rock, soul. There is something for everybody to enjoy.

Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas from chop shop records said that established acts often command licensing fees of $40,000 and up for a song placement in a TV show. Though the defining work of the late Isaac Hayes career, the award-winning theme from shaft was but a snippet of the groundbreaking music for which the soul man was responsible.

Jerry Wexler, famed record producer, not only coined the phrase rhythm and blues, the legendary music producer was one of the key architects of the genre. He revolutionized popular music with seminal, superstar-making recordings of acts such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and others.

After ten years, modern worship music has become an established genre that’s likely be a part of Christian music for generations to come, though it’s in serious need of creative spark.

One recent study of 7500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading scores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry, and math. Simply stated, music students as a whole enjoy greater college success.