A Man Not Just About Music

U2 is one of the most significant and famous rock bands within the past three decades. Being the lead vocalist of U2, Paul David Hewson, popularly recognized as Bono, is a notable person much-loved and highly regarded both in and out of the entertainment world.

Being a rock icon, Bono’s music with his band has gotten him a multitude of loyal supporters around the globe; while being an advocate and philanthropist for the world’s poor, co-founder of organizations like ONE Campaign and DATA, he has won great admiration from world leaders, politicians and his music enthusiasts. His exceptional skill to successfully be on both sides of the field of politics and entertainment stays matched by only some people in the area of pop culture and his willpower to make the world a better place keeps on motivating millions of people on either part of the political divide. So, having been born and raised in Ireland, Irish people are truly honoured to declare that Bono is tied to the Irish flag wherever he goes.

As an activist, Bono has gone to Ethiopia with his spouse, Ali Hewson, and the aid organization World Vision to lend a hand in a feeding camp. During the 1990’s he fought along with Greenpeace versus Sellafield, a nuclear processing site in the north of England. At some point in the ZOO TV Tour, he brought in awareness to the disagreement storming in Bosnia by teaming up with Bill Carter, a US journalist, to make Miss Sarajevo, an award-winning documentary film.