Why Buy a Musical Rocking

The Internet provides a plethora of different types of bassinets, from modern baby beds with every feature imaginable to traditional, wooden cradles. One that seems to be overlooked, at times, is the musical rocking bassinet. This type of bassinet comes equipped with all the features needed to calm and cranky baby.

A musical rocking bassinet is musical, something many infants find soothing. Models that include more than one song can be very accommodating since even at a young age, children will express which tunes they like more than others. My daughter, even as a newborn, communicated which songs were her favorites and which ones she did not favor so much. It can be exciting to see how your child will respond to music.

Most musical rocking bassinets also have a timer, which makes the music stop after a certain time period, like 15 minutes. So after your little one falls asleep, you don’t have to worry about locating the off switch and waking your child in the process.

The rocking motion of a musical rocking bassinet can also pacify a crying infant. A manual rocking feature allows you to bond with your new baby; while an automatic bassinet gives you the time to busy about your home or take some alone time.

Several musical rocking bassinets have a retractable canopy, which can imitate night’s darkness. Even after a child goes to sleep, the bright daylight might be enough to wake her from sleep. A canopy can keep the brightness out of your baby’s eyes and protect her from harmful rays that may penetrate through a window.

You will also find wheels on a musical rocking bassinet, which makes it easy to put where you’d like. A woman recovering from delivery often is instructed to not lift heavy objects, which would hinder the healing process. Wheeling a bassinet from room to room rather than lifting a 20-pound plus object is much safer for a postpartum mother. But even this activity might not be advised by a physician. Check with your doctor first.